I am not going to lie. This winter was a tough one. It wasn't particularly cold or anything, but I was flying by the seat of my pants in regards to my work. I questioned my decisions. I doubted my abilities. I made it out alive though.

When I am not creating work, I tend to not want to create work; if that makes sense. I believe I am a hack and that this has all just been a fluke up until now and I should just go back to working some desk job.

Then I remember that I've pretty much only been on this full-time photographer train for just over a year and for five months of said year I was interning with Zack Arias. It takes a lifetime to build a career and I've not even made a ripple in this pool. Hell, I am not even in the pool, yet.

Roughly a month ago I decided enough was enough; I needed to shoot new work. Just for myself. I needed to grease the gears and shake off the dust. On that first shoot I could feel I was out of sync. I wasn't as confident in myself as I had been, but I was shooting again and that felt pretty damn good.

Here's some images from the shoot with my friend Annicia. Thanks for sitting in front of my camera.

Thanks for reading