Say Yes

My 4 week artist residency with The Rare Library is drawing to a close and what can I say? Juanita (The Rare Librarian) asked me on Saturday evening how I felt and after some thought and reflection and even though being tired from a fairly intense week of shooting and work my answer was; "invigorated”.

You know when you say yes to something and then you spend the time second guessing that decision? There is no more doubt that this was the correct choice in the matter and what I’ve learned from it is that you’ll know when to say yes or no to something.


Listen to your body, to the still small voice. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear or feel, but if you take a moment, become quiet and let it, it won’t lead you astray. In our always-on always connected world that voice is getting more and more difficult to hear. Be bored. It’s okay. Procrastinate. It’s okay. But find then get back to work. I’ve already said yes to another seemingly ludicrous question I was asked yesterday, and for the moment I don’t know what will come of it. I’ll wait and listen and feel. All I can say right now is, that it feels right and maybe in time it won’t.

Thanks for reading