Dudes With Beards

For the past two months I have been keeping myself busy with a little personal project in an effort to improve, learn and better my photography and also create relationships with people. 

I'd been wanting to shoot a beard project after seeing Matt Rainwaters' "Beard Book" some time ago, but as most people know I am a shy dude. So this is my way of trying to overcome this "impediment".

I am almost halfway through it and I'm aiming to have it done by the end of May if everything works out perhaps even sooner. I've limited the amount of people to 15, but I just might carry on adding to it over time. Some are friends and some strangers (who will hopefully become friends).

My good friend Ett Venter (who's a super amazing photographer and you can see his work here) took these "behind the scenes" photos and borrowed me, his camera and lens after mine was stolen about a month ago. Thanks for that dude :)

Here's a random slice of the finished shots so far combined into one shot. I am really stoked to get this done.


Everyone I've photographed so far have been amazing and I want to thank all of you again. The little time in front and behind the camera getting to know you guys has been awesome.

Thanks for reading