So, here's the Plan

Things have been pretty quiet on the blog front. I don't really like to post anything if I don't have new work to share or something worth saying.

That's changed in the past month or so. I've been scheming and wrapping my head around something pretty big and scary; for me.

Let me just back up for a second here and fill in a blank or two. I'm 28 years old and I have NEVER traveled. The furthest I've been, is Mozambique in 2011. My original plan was that I needed to travel before I hit the big THREE OH. Just a holiday for a couple of weeks next year, but little did I know from this seed would grow a much bigger idea. Something way out of my comfort zone.

So, I've made the decision that I want to go intern for a photographer I admire and look up to a lot. Whom he OR she is, I am not going to share until I know something more concrete. So in this week I have some things to resolve - the first piece of the puzzle - which is to send off my "application"  and then wait, before I can set the wheels in motion.

On Wednesday last week I went out and created one of the photos that will be part of my portfolio I'll be sending off to him/her. I shot two, but I am thinking of scrapping the other one. I'd like to just take a moment to thank my friend Ett for the crazy amount of help on the 12 hour day of shooting and moving around. It was pretty damn rad!

Here is the final image (probably). 

I'll even carry you.jpg

This idea basically spawned from my application letter as to what I'd be willing to do if I got the opportunity to intern for said photographer. Ett originally suggested something else I mentioned and then from that came this image after lying awake in bed one night a week and a half ago. 

I wanted a ton of gear hanging from me as well, but kinda forgot about it and after doing 40 or something different shots, Ett started to get a little heavy, so I'm kinda glad I didn't do that as well. I am super happy with the end result though.

So that's my plan. Whether it will work I have no idea, but it's worth a shot.

Thanks for reading