Remember that letter I wrote?

I had another post ready to go, but in lieu of yesterdays events I have decided to push it back just slightly.

For the four people that check out my site, I'm sure you'll remember this post I did at the end of last year; "So Here's The Plan". Remember? Good! Now seeing as I've already told the four of you, there's nothing to share actually, but I'll do it anyway :P

This happened yesterday.

If you're sight isn't too great, it reads: "Well @Bernard_Brand00 you've definitely gotten our attention. Well done. We'll be in touch".

Who is Meghan Arias you may ask and why does this matter? Well, Meghan is the wife of Zack Arias whom I've mentioned before here. And why does that matter?

Well, Zack is the guy I wrote the letter to that I mentioned in that post from last year. He's the guy I want to go intern for and he's the guy that replied to me via email yesterday morning (depending on where you live in the world). Now I haven't gotten a definitive answer yet, but the fact that he replied and said he'd be in touch and that a seemingly meaningless letter made it halfway across the the world and into their hands is just awesome!

I can't even explain how often I would track where the letter was and how often I checked my email - after it was delivered - to see if Zack had replied yet.

So yesterday was a pretty rad day and I am still somewhere outside myself for what this could mean. I met with awesome potential clients and might have a big job coming up. So I am hoping and praying that these things comes to fruition. Thanks to everyone that believes/believed in me when I didn't and the support and kind words. It's all a little overwhelming and I don't always think I deserve it, but I do appreciate it. What a blessing you all are.

Next up will be some shots from my shoot with The Watermark High.

Thanks for reading.