Year One: What I've learnt

My social media sabbatical is almost at an end and even though I didn't do as much as I had intended to do over December; I did manage to do as little as I wanted, which was pretty damn great if I am going to be honest.

I did shoot a tiny bit of work and my sister's wedding, but other than that it's been a lazy December. Here is some stuff I shot for Wêreld Records, just to give you something to look at.

A Hollow in the Land for Wêreld Records.

James Robb for Wêreld Records.

Unlike last year upon my return from the States having a fire in my chest and wanting to get to work right away I knew what to expect this year come the holiday season, so I was prepared for it. I won't lie, it's been a good year for me.

I know some close friends whom have not had such a great year and can't wait for 2015 to get behind them and I hope 2016 brings them awesome challenges, new work and good times. This is not to say that I didn't have some difficult times and challenges. Winter totally kicked my ass and I spoke about it here. I started a studio with a close friend of mine and that has proven to be equally awesome and challenging and we hope to get a handle on it in the new year.

As for my own work, I can't complain really. I completed my Dudes with Beards project (the shooting part of it anyway, I still need to make the book), I went to China, photographed old and new clients, made some rad new friends, took part in the Sasol New Signatures art competition and joined a small music revolution called Wêreld Records - read about that here. I've been able to pay rent and electricity and buy groceries and even spoil myself with some "new" gear which I am stoked to start using in the new year. The only complaints I may have is in not pushing myself more and I am hoping to change that by lighting a fire under my ass and enter work for the Barclays L'Atelier art competition, which I have less than 2 months to do.

I presented my first workshop on how I approach workflow and retouching in late October and it was pretty damn cool. I hope to do some more of those in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for that if you're interested in things I have to say.

So, what have I learned exactly?

It's damn difficult making a living out of being a photographer, however I can't imagine doing anything else with my time. Do I always feel this way? Hell no! There are days I really don't like it. It happens. You just don't always like what you do and that's perfectly fine. The great thing? YOU can change that at any time. Some days you just need to put the camera down and step back and just enjoy the view. And that's what my December has been about. You need it, I need it; we all do and it's okay, really.

Be safe and responsible, because I'd still like to see you in the new year. Sleep over, call for an Uber; hell, call your parents. I am sure they'd rather pick your drunk ass up at 3am in the morning than receive a call that their son or daughter are in hospital. 

Cheers to 2015 and hello to 2016.

Thanks for reading.

Wêreld Records (World Records)

WARNING: Image heavy post coming up.

Roughly a week and a half ago we saw the launch of Wêreld Records. Prior to that I was working like a bat out of hell to photograph the launch acts. 7 artists in total, 2 of whom are group acts.

I could easily have had them all come in on one evening and sit down and shot the exact same image, but that was never an option. They're all different artists, with diverse music styles and influences and I'd be damned if I just worked through them like a conveyer belt.

I still have several more artist portraits to shoot and I am really looking forward to some new concepts and ideas and input from them on how we will capture these images.

For now, here are the seven launch acts I photographed. For more on what Wêreld Records is you can go check out their website and Facebook.

Franco, a.k.a. Franx does some killer solo bass; looping and layering it with vocals on top.

This is Matthieu Auriacombe a.k.a Hello Beautiful.

Alex Parker and Jean-Louise Nel make up Academie.

The mad electronica wizard that will most likely make your brain short circuit, Jacob Israel.

Charlie Higson's soothing melodies will definitely lull you to sweet slumber.

For some reason Givan Lötz's voice reminds me a little of Ashton Nyte (in a good way though). The music is slower though and has this really beautiful drone to it.

Last, but not least; a Skyline on FireGood friends of mine. Great music.