What Next?

Now that "Dudes with Beards" is on the back burner and the exhibition was well received, what's next? I am carrying on with the "DWB" project and when I get to a hundred I'd like to do a book, but right now that's just a pipe dream :) To be honest I am not too sure at the moment. I have some ideas, but I am being dismissive; thinking that it's not "good enough".

I have a Mamiya RB67 in my possession, so I am thinking I should do something with that, but again I am not sure. I think I should just go out and shoot something, anything, maybe do some street shooting to get the creative juices flowing.

For now though here are some BTS shots (done by my friend Ett Venter) of us putting up the prints for the exhibition. Thanks to him and his girlfriend; Shannon; for helping me out. Oh and the prints are for sale if Dudes with Beards are your thing; please note that some have been bought already, so just ask for availability.